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FFTB: a SRPG game


FFTB is a solo game project I am actively developing/ designing right now. I enjoyed FFTA (Final Fantasy Tactical: Advanced) a lot when I was young, so I always wanted to make something like it. Some table game rules and performace are introduced to make all the calculation transparent. AI, pathfinding, & map generation are modulized to make FFTB a fun playground for people who wants to write their own AI rules. I will update my development and designs here!


  • Turnbased battle with real time elements in it: Poison can still tick between turns. 

  • Multiclassing: Character can be a warrior and mage at the same time. 

  • Showing the process of generating random numbers like you are playing D&D


  • Turn Control

  • Multclassing

  • Crit & Hit


What I have learnt:

  • The small trick to make the TPS look smooth is use camera and crosshair to figure out the target being shot and build the animation with the muzzle and the target. 

  • Reverse engineering existing games is a good way to find solutions. 

  • Sometimes the documentation can be not very accuate. Do not rely on documentation too much and try more. 

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