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Card Detective                                 

Game Description:

Card Detective is a solo project. In this project, I am making a card detective game editor. Developers can use the editor to tell any detective story they want without writing any code. Players will find relationship between existing cards to get more cards and finally find the truth.

figure 1 card detective.png

Key Designs:

  • The developers’ jobs are to build a deck of cards with relationship to each other and put all information on cards.

  • There are four kinds of conditions that players can potentially trigger with their actions. The conditions will be checked and taken care of by the game editor.

  • Conditions are also implemented as a kind of card. Condition cards is also built as cards by developers to help them to set up what conditions they want to check. Conditon cards will not be viewed by players. 

  • Condition cards can be nested for more complex logic.


What I have learnt:

  • It is necessary to provide some debugging approach in tool development. 

  • Implementing data collection in game to improve design and performace in future updates. 

  • Too many layers of UI can be confusing. A flat layout can be a good idea.

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