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Laser Puzzle

Laser Puzzle is a physical puzzle Chenkai Zhou and I build for escape room project

Light is going in at one point and the player’s job is to have it redirected to the exit -- straight forward yet still having room for challenging puzzles:



1. The player should immediately recognize the entry and exit point of the light.

2. The player should then notice the fixed cube red cube on the board.

3. At the point, the player should realize the solution must incorporate the red cube somehow.

4. The player could try to play around with the rest of the cubes and figure how the deflected route.

5. At some point, the player should also realize that all four sides of the cubes are mirrored. Maybe some of the cubes need to be used twice.  


Since it is a floor plan as the background, the puzzle could be presented as the legacy left by previous agent(s) (as subject 16 to Desmond). We think of two info that the puzzle could give: First, based on the locations that these mirror cubes were sat, these locations give information about the room. For example, one of the cubes is located at the couch in the background, which tells the player the couch is worth investigating. Second, by filling the background with numbers, it could also just give out a 4-digit code to a combination lock. So what we have for now is a 5*5(inch) grid. We specified the entry and the exit angle. We will fix our laser to make it start at the expected position and the expected angel. We will also mark the exit for the laser to inform what position and angle should the laser come out. We have made 4 1inch*1inch*1inch little cubes and they can fit right in the grids we have. Four sides of the cubes are mirrors, which should be able to reflect the laser. All the girds will contain a number/letter/some other symbols which can potentially make up a password. Players should put the cubes on the grids, the goal for them is finding out four suitable grids to place the cubes, to make the incoming laser pointing to the preset exit in the right angle. To provide a hint of what should the players do and also eliminate potential solutions, we have fixed one cube to its position(the red one in the picture). When they get the correct positions, they should be able to read a four digits from the grids. The laser will be working as a hint for the order as well. When players read correct digits in the correct order, they should get a four-digit password that can be used somewhere else in the room.

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