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Game Description:

Bulkhead is a class project I participated in WPI. In the game, player will play the role of a soldier, building turrets to repel incoming enemies. The soldier has a special weapon can use the snow as ammo and slow enemies. 


  • Programmed the gameplay logic about the snow cannon. Including slowing the enemies, gathering snow from the ground.

  • Programmed ingame currency collection.

  • Designed the unique battle mechanics for the final boss.

  • Intergrated some sound effect with the animation. 

What I have learnt:

  • The small trick to make the TPS look smooth is use camera and crosshair to figure out the target being shot and build the animation with the muzzle and the target. 

  • Reverse engineering existing games is a good way to find solutions. 

  • Sometimes the documentation can be not very accuate. Do not rely on documentation too much and try more. 


This picture shows the logic I implemented to TPS shooting experience feel nature. 

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